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Turning your home into a unique space motivates us day by day

A commitment that extends to all areas of the company, management, design, production, administration, logistics… We are demanding people and we face challenges as a team, with participatory and lively attitude chasing to improve as professionals and enjoy what do.

designer kitchen, kitchen furniture, designer kitchen furniture


The kitchen is a unique space that should be tailored to each customer’s needs. We have achieved an advanced manufacturing system, more flexible and that is designed to achieve a total customer satisfaction. With one specific commitment in mind: to offer a quality product that are both innovative and exclusive.

kitchen frame-grille unit for oven

Superior quality

We have a strong commitment about creating value through innovation and a constant improvement in all processes. We work on specific and innovative solutions in order to offer you a product endowed with the highest specifications. Those are only a few of our “reasons Why”.

whay senssia, designer kitchen, kitchen furniture, designer kitchen furniture


We develop technical solutions that make each kitchen a product endowed with the highest specifications in design, performance and lifespan. We have a firm commitment with innovation and technological development in order to ensure that the new standards are implemented and to answer to our clients highest demands.


Senssia’s social responsibility arise from the following principles and values that the company has developed and applied in its relations with social and economic groups:

  1. Transparency.
  2. Involvement and engagement.
  3. Honesty.
  4. Innovative initiative and passion for excellence.
  5. Eagerness to excel and to improve at all times.
  6. Collaboration and teamwork.
  7. Respect and human-oriented.

We contribute actively and voluntarily to improve its social, economic and natural environment. To this end we have introduced a set of practices, strategies and management systems that are all part of a model of a balanced sustainability model that seeks to achieve:

  • Management commitment, with transparency and good governance.
  • Commitment with the customers, to deliver their expectations and satisfy their needs.
  • Commitment to our workers, providing decent, stable, quality employment.
  • Commitment to our suppliers and their workers, by working in close collaboration with them.
  • Commitment to society in order to achieve greater and better development of the communities in which the company has a presence.
  • Commitment to environment through a policy of protection, respect and prevention.

We provide solutions

Our understanding of our relationship with our customers and with consumers means to share knowledge and experience. Here we explain and describe you what we offer our customers and what we do day by day. Knowledge and experience shared through effective, innovative solutions.

designer kitchen, kitchen furniture, designer kitchen furniture

To our customers: for your peace of mind and welfare.

Developing products and services with high added value that ensure the optimum performance of the product they have purchased. Providing advice on the care and maintenance of your kitchen. Keeping you up to date with current trends and latest developments.

designer kitchen, kitchen furniture, designer kitchen furniture

To our distributors: to help them sell.

Being a partner they can trust and that as well help them progress in their jobs. Offering management and communications tools to increase profit margins. Providing them with new ways of improving customer service.

whay senssia, designer kitchen, kitchen furniture, designer kitchen furniture

To professionals: who design or install your kitchen.

With extensive technical assistance that helps them optimize the design of your kitchen. With specific training on how to assemble and install Senssia´s cutting edge technology kitchens.

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