Serene Urban Refuge

Comfort and elegance blend effortlessly in this duplex that exudes independence and good taste. Warm, earth-toned walls embrace the room, while dark wood beams and minimalist elements add a touch of distinction. The Kashmir glossy finish units and cream worktops create a calm atmosphere.

The welcoming, homely atmosphere invites you to rest and reflect, a place to recharge and enjoy life alone.

The kitchen and living room share an open space where functionality and design merge in harmony. There’s more to it than meets the eye: this is the home of someone dynamic and sophisticated but who has cleverly created a refuge that invites you to rest, enjoy good food and enjoy life. A place to be independent, relax and discover the real you.


The Tracia door model is a work of craftsmanship and design. Its most striking feature is a meticulously machined horizontal edge that houses a zamac handle, whose brushed nickel finish shimmers with subtle elegance.

For design layouts where two doors meet with their handles attached, Tracia offers a smart and aesthetic solution: one of the doors will be manufactured with a concealed handle pull. This ensures functionality without compromising the sophisticated and cohesive aesthetics of this model.

The Tracia range makes cooking easy with trays and cupboards to keep everything close at hand.


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