A Warm Embrace

A sense of unity and harmony awakes in every corner. Its soft and welcoming tones, highlighted with touches of sophistication, invite connections and encounters in which each element is woven into a shared story. The clean light filters through the window to caress each surface, creating a serene and enveloping atmosphere.

Minimalist essence and subtle complexity combine to bring to life a space where hearts meet, and bonds grow closer. Here, intimacy is woven into every detail and nourished by the warmth that surrounds it.

A place where time stands still, and moments become unforgettable memories. A space to share laughter, flavours and deep conversations celebrating the beauty of human connection.


The Tizziano door model, masterfully crafted from solid 22 mm MDF board, is exquisitely lacquered in one piece. With a distinctive frame that ends in an elegant internal bezel that is set against the frame itself. The recessed panel with respect to the frame adds a detail of depth.

The lacquered finishes, available in a wide range of shades from the NCS color chart, can be customized.

The Tizziano collection’s white finish creates a serene and elegant culinary space.

Warmth and soft tones encourage close ties in a cosy atmosphere.


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