Standard equipment

Materials and assembly

The durability of the kitchen, and the optimum functioning of its elements depend on the configuration and elements of the module. Therefore the module design, construction and components are designed to keep them as the first day.


The module is the base for a long life of the kitchen and is responsible for the doors, fittings and all other elements to function optimally.


  • Provide moisture resistance
  • Promote easy cleaning
  • Robust edges, with a minimal environmental footprint

It is made of 19mm THICK MATERIAL, which is synonymous of a great strength, stability and durability. The board is coated with a high density melamine treated to repel dirt and moisture.

In addition, they are coated with HIGH DENSITY MELAMIN, a material that is highly resistant to wear and tear and has been specially treated to repel dirt and moisture.

The 1 mm thick ABS edgings cover these boards, providing additional protection against knocks and humidity. This material does not contribute to pollution, in line with our mission to respect the environment.

The bases of the sink, pantry and refrigerator modules are made of WATERPROOF SEABOARD, which provides extra resistance to humidity.

These components are joined using PUR COLA, whose adhesion, water and temperature resistance properties are unbeatable. This gluing process has a low environmental impact.

Rear side material

The backs of furniture play a fundamental role in its structure, significantly influencing its stability and rigidity. This contributes to its perfect alignment and durability.

The 8 mm thickness of our back panels is a guarantee of stability for the furniture, ensuring that it maintains its shape and function over time.


  • They provide strength and stability to the frame.
  • Offer resistance to impact and humidity

The back of the furniture is an important part of its structure. They influence their stability and rigidity, helping to its squareness and duration. ITS THICKNESS IS 8 MM, which guarantees the stability of the cabinet.

In addition, the rears have a HIGH DENSITY MELAMIN COATING. This material is highly resistant to wear and has been specially treated to repel dirt and moisture.

Module assembly

A piece of furniture with excellent quality materials, which is solidly assembled, assures an extraordinary durability, avoiding misalignments or movements that could allow the entrance of humidity, condensation or dirt.


  • Assembly system using special hardware for increased module robustness
  • Base units incorporate two reinforced aluminum profiles that support the worktop and increase strength

Our method of ASSEMBLY BY SPECIAL HARDWARE offers superior strength and stability to traditional reinforcement with dowels and glue. In addition, this system allows the furniture to be assembled and disassembled without compromising its characteristics.

We incorporate EXTRA ALUMINIUM PROFILES under the worktop, providing strength and safety to the module.

Rear assembly

The rear part has the function of turning the module into a compact and stable assembly. All Senssia furniture has an “air chamber” that prevents moisture condensation.


  • The rear is advanced with respect to the rear of the sides.
  • The cover and base are advanced with respect to the back of the sides.
  • Base and cover set back 1 mm from the front of the sides

Upper cabinets

The following are some of the most characteristic and important details with which we configure our furniture, in order to provide them with maximum safety, resistance, stability and functionality.

Anti-flex system

The wall units greater than or equal to 900 mm width incorporate a specific system to prevent the shelves and bases flex with the weight of dishes or utensils that store.


  • The system allows a large storage capacity without deforming the shelves and the base of the cabinet.

It consists of a STAINLESS STEEL STRUT that connects the roof and base, with intermediate supports that serve as central support for shelves, reinforcing its stability. A profile at the top of the cabinet side by side reinforces the roof of the cabinet preventing flex. This “anti flex” function is also transferred to the shelves and to the base through stainless steel strut.

The ANTI-FLEXION PROFILE, an exclusive Senssia option, is an aluminum “Double T” profile that reinforces the top of the cabinet from side to side, preventing it from flexing. This anti-bending feature extends to the shelves and base through the stainless steel strut, ensuring the durability and strength of our wall units.

Plate rack

Our dish drainer standard hardware is of extraordinary quality, robust and secure, firmly anchored side by side, without supports, This ensures that plates and other parts do not fall or tip over, offering maximum safety and stability.


  • High resistance, even under full load
  • Optimum space utilization
  • Cutlery accessories available
  • Provides functionality, security and organization

Our EXTRA RINSEWATER is an example of functionality and efficiency. It is manufactured by stamping in AISI 304 stainless steel, guaranteeing its durability and resistance.

Includes an integrated WATER TRAY for added convenience and functionality. Its bending-resistant design, even under full load, allows optimal use of space.


Our wall units include a system of hangers that ensures the firmness and stability of the furniture, preventing displacement or unhooking and guaranteeing maximum safety and comfort. This system also includes an anti-tilt safety mechanism.


  • High weight resistance, supporting up to 130 kg per module
  • Includes an anti-tilt safety system for added protection
  • Hangers are concealed behind the back of the cabinet, expanding interior storage space
  • Easy cleaning of the inside of the cabinet due to concealed design
  • Provides optimum support and firmness for tall furniture

Floor units

Furniture with legs and plinth

Our furniture legs and columns provide a solid foundation. Regardless of the weight stored, these legs maintain stability and also provide the necessary support for the sides of the cabinet. With

the ability to adjust in height from 70 to 170 mm, offer the flexibility to adjust to various working heights.


  • Legs ensure the stability of the furniture, regardless of the stored weight
  • Allow height adjustments to suit various needs

In addition, the ZOCALO, an exclusive Senssia design, is a key element in our aesthetics and functionality. Available in white, black, aluminum and stainless steel finishes, it is designed to fit perfectly with the legs. It has a hidden WATERPROOF PROFILE on the lower edge, which adds extra protection to its elegant design.

Furniture with drawers

The drawers stand out for their modern and attractive design, with straight lines and an elegant anthracite gray finish. They are designed to support weights of up to 70 kg, making them exceptionally durable and reliable for storing common kitchen utensils.


  • Modern and minimalist design in anthracite gray color
  • They can support weights up to 70 kg, depending on the width.
  • Incorporate a soft and cushioned closure to avoid abrupt shocks
  • Available in Basic (standard), Box, Box Custom and Glass models
  • Offer optional accessories to optimize internal organization

Basic drawer model

Design of straight lines on the sides, with the bottom and the back in melamine in a color that matches perfectly with the sides and with a stylized rod in the pan.

Senssia standard equipment - Drawers

Box model pans (optional)

A hardware that reflects current design trends, in "box" format. Available in two heights: 186 mm for fronts of 270 mm and 250 mm for fronts of 405 mm and over.

Senssia standard equipment - Drawers

Box Custom model pans (optional)

Same as the "Box" but with the possibility to customize the sides. This option provides the kitchen with the maximum customization possible in a pan. Customization can be done on compact material, ceramic or glass.

Senssia standard equipment - Drawers

Glass model pans (optional)

A model of pans in "box" format that incorporates 8 mm transparent glass on the sides. Thus, it allows a view of the interior, providing elegance and maximum stability. Height only 186 mm

Inner drawer

The interior drawers stand out for their modern design and straight lines. They incorporate an 8mm aluminum front in the same color as the sides, providing a consistent and elegant appearance. Without compromising internal capacity, these drawers offer the option of adding cutlery accessories to maximize organization and functionality.

Cutlery organizers

Senssia standard equipment - Drawers

Cutlery tray organizer for drawers (optional)

8mm Anthracite Grey melamine cutlery tray with 4 mm compact divisions. Available in all compact colors. An ideal accessory to combine with the "Box custom" drawer and doors made of compact. They create a harmonious and fully customizable set for your kitchen.

Senssia standard equipment - Drawers

Drawer organizer cutlery tray, with puller (optional)

Inner drawer with dragger anchored in the front. The inner drawer opens at the same time as the outer drawer. Only in models with external handle.

Oven rack frame


  • Protects adjacent furniture
  • Highlights the aesthetics of the furniture
  • Integrates the oven solidly into the cabinet

The grill frame IMPROVES VENTILATION of the ovens so that the cabinet does not reach excessive temperatures.

The GRID FRAME, made of in anodized stainless steel aluminum, consists of several horizontal slats joined to two vertical pieces forming a frame. Protects adjacent furniture from the heat of the oven.

Plate furniture

Plate furniture is designed for maximum strength and durability. By using an anodized aluminum tube, which supports the countertop at the front of the cabinet, we provide robustness to the whole; and with the back cut in height we will favor the ventilation of the interior of the cabinet.


  • Extra ventilation, necessary for induction hobs
  • Provides firm joints and support base to the worktop
  • Conforms to the regulations of gas installations

The UNDER-WORKTOP VENTILATION PROFILE (OPTIONAL)(optional), made of stainless aluminum, with vents to promote air circulation of the induction hobs.

Sink furniture

With a very refined assembly system, the sink units have a very firm joint between the sides and a high resistance to the weight of the countertop.


  • Resistant to possible moisture seepage due to the sink
  • Firm support for any countertop

The base is recessed to allow the passage of outlets for washing machines and dishwashers, without the need to make any cutouts.

The base is made of marine plywood, coated with high-pressure laminate, highly resistant to humidity.

The cabinet is assembled with an anodized aluminum tube that is fixed to the sides with a special anchor piece. Both are of Senssia’s own design, to achieve a firmer assembly and greater durability of the furniture.

Column units

Cabinets for built-in refrigerator


  • Wide range of solutions to adapt to market models
  • Seamless integration that maintains aesthetics with the rest of the furniture
  • Durability, protection against water leakage from refrigerators


Base in marine board coated with high pressure laminate, highly resistant to humidity and later edged in ABS.


Extra ventilation system that complies with appliance manufacturers’ specifications.

Common elements

Melamine shelves and shelf racks


  • Resistant and stable
  • More elegant and durable titanium finish


The shelves, 19 mm thick, are fully edged. They have three different height positions and are covered with high density melamine, without electrostatic charges. Unused positions are only marked to prevent moisture from entering the machining operations.

They have a safety support that prevents the shelf from tipping over, in the same finish as the shelf holders.

Glass shelves and shelf racks

The module is the base for a long life of the kitchen and is responsible for the doors, fittings and all other elements to function optimally.

It is made of 19mm thick, hydrophobic, which is synonymous with greater resistance, stability and durability. The board is coated with a high-density melamine that has been treated for repel dirt and moisture. All edges are coated with 1mm ABS material, non-polluting, bonded with PUR glue, which thanks to its adhesion and resistance to water and temperature prevent the board from swelling or peeling off the edge. It is a system that also respects the environment as much as possible, since it is free of formaldehyde and solvents.

Furniture backs are an important part of its structure. They influence its stability and rigidity, contributing to its squareness and durability. Its thickness is 8 mm, a guarantee for the stability of the furniture.

Hinges with 3 dimensional adjustment

The hinges are responsible not only for the operation and opening of the doors, but also for ensuring that the furniture is properly installed, with all doors aligned for the life of the room.


  • Perfectly aligned door arrangement
  • Smooth and progressive closing to avoid abrupt shocks
  • Possibility of adjustment in depth, height and depth, height and lateral
  • Wide opening (110º) for easy access to the inside of the cabinet.
  • More than 100,000 opening/closing cycles
  • Steel covers that mesthetically pleasing and easy to clean hardware.
  • Titanium finish, more elegant and overprotected against
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