countertops senssia

FENIX NTM countertop, smooth, 10mm thick, matt finish. Allows esthetic elegant solutions and high technological performance. Combines elegant aesthetical solutions and high tecnology performance. An outstanding matt surface, print-free and smooth touch.

countertops senssia

Made with 16mm waterproof and both sides laminated chipboard panel. It has a perimeter aluminum profile, matt finish, that can be covered with any color edging of Melamine, Glossy laminate, Lacquer (in any of its finishes) and Precomposed Oak. So the edge of the countertop equals the front of the cabinet, and not the color of the face of the countertop.

countertops senssia

Made with two flat glass, one high quality lacquered and the other transparent, forming a laminated safety assembly 12 mm thick. They are very resistant to stains, weight and thermal shock.

countertops senssia

These countertops are made of high chromium and nickel steel sheet, so they offer a high resistance to oxidation. They can be manufactured in thicknesses of 20 mm onwards and support the placement of boards or integrated sinks or flush. Matt, brushed and polished finish.


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