Bold harmony

Singularity and movement in a space that captures glances. An embrace of innovation with the avant-garde design of the angular Fussion and Khalo references that defy convention.

Bold shapes challenge and arouse curiosity and inspiration, stimulating an urge to explore new culinary frontiers. With the cabinets hidden in cubes and the bold island, it’s impossible not to wonder what we’re looking at when we enter the room.

In this kitchen, with its white, brown and glass finishes, geometry transforms into art, and functionality merges with creativity and sophistication, where imagination knows no bounds.

Fussion XL

Introducing the Fussion XL door model, a creation synonymous with style and functionality. Made from sturdy MDF board and enhanced with a polished lacquer finish, its appearance is as strong as it is attractive.

Its main feature is its integrated handle. Designed horizontally and in the shape of a machined fingernail, this handle is not only an intriguing visual element, but has also been developed with careful consideration for ergonomics.

Fussion XL offers not only beauty, but an optimized touch experience for the user.

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Geometry becomes art in this harmonious and unique space.


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