Always with maximum safety. In tempered glass, laminated 2+2, protected with vinyl or elastic film on the back. No sharp edges when broken, thereby preventing accidents. Wide range of high quality plain colours and printed textures.


With TEMPERED LACQUERED glass, production can be in any colour, with a gloss or matte finish, in line with the RAL colour chart (shades may vary depending on the nature of the material to which the colour is applied).


This material combines the features particular to glass, such as transparency and durability, with those of PVB (polyvinyl butyral), such as adhesion, elasticity, resistance to knocks and UV light, by sandwiching a PVB film between two 2mm panes of glass. The glass panes are also safety glass.


Ceramic is very resistant to UV light, scratches, knocks and heat and its absorption is almost zero, making it very easy to maintain. It’s also a highly versatile material thanks to its range of sizes and colours, as well as being hardwearing, hygienic and easy to install. More advantages: unalterable colour, resistant to fire and chemicals, ecological and environmentally friendly.


The Compact finish takes its inspiration from the natural sensations of different materials so you can create a unique ambience in your kitchen. Possibilities: wood, rusted iron, cement… Its soft, irregular luminous shapes are reflected on the surface, while the subtle embossing seems to come to life.

The FENIX NTM® finish is a super-matte nanotechnological material for interior design that combines elegant aesthetic solutions with state-of-the-art technological performance. It’s an extraordinarily matte, anti-fingerprint surface that’s pleasant and soft to the touch.

designer kitchen, kitchen furniture, designer kitchen furniture

Model / Finishing

compact hipster bronze, kitchen furniture

Mediterranean / Hipster Bronze compact

Laminated soft grey, kitchen furniture

Arabic / Soft Grey gloss laminate

Stratified grey anthracite, kitchen furniture

Austral / Anthracite Grey veneer


The naturalness of wood. Natural finishes that awaken the senses.


Gloss, matte or metallic. Matte lacquers with a silky touch, gloss lacquers with a crystalline touch or metallic lacquers with an ultra-polished appearance. The gloss is achieved by polishing, making the finish even tougher.

Limitless variety
All colours on the NCS colour chart can be produced with any lacquer finish (shades may vary depending on the finish to which the colour is applied).

elegance kitchen, elegance kitchen furniture

Model / Finishing

High gloss graphite

Atlas / Graphite gloss lacquer

High gloss graphite

Mediterranean / White Cement compact

Compact oak mink

Aral / Mink Oak compact


Finished with a high surface resistance and an elegant gloss effect.

Resistant to micro-scratches with an extreme matte effect.

A finish that perfectly imitates natural wood through matte and gloss contrasts, achieving an incredibly tough finish.


Plain colour and wood melamine
Available in matte or silky, a high quality finish at a significantly lower price. With these melamine colours you can design your kitchen just as you want it, combining different options to create a simply modern and perfect composition!

Originality with lines and combination of different materials to create a unique kitchen

Model / Finishing

black acrylic, kitchen furniture

Atlantic / Black Acrylic

Ceramic Phedra

Alboran / Phaedra ceramic

Wooden black oak, kitchen furniture

Mediterranean / Black Oak wood


Home and unique spaces projects.


Spaces for relaxation, privacy and invite to dream.

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