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Explore the versatility and distinction of our selection.

Our collection ranges from the modern elegance of glass and ceramics to the nobility of wood and the sophistication of our various lacquers. Laminates and melamines offer a balance between strength and aesthetics, while our compacts stand out for their durability.

At Senssia, we believe in the uniqueness of each home; therefore, we offer you a diverse and wide palette so that your kitchen reflects your personal taste and style.


Always with maximum safety. In tempered glass, laminated 2+2, protected with vinyl or elastic film on the back. No sharp edges when broken, thereby preventing accidents. Wide range of high quality plain colours and printed textures.

Polar White glass
Cristal Blanco Polar
Mirrored glass
Cristal Espejo
Black gloss glass
Cristal Negro
RAL coloured glass - gloss
Cristal según RAL brillo
Custom laminated glass
Cristal según RAL
Konfeta Glass
Cristal Konfeta
Bronze Parsol Glass
Cristal Parsol Bronce
Grey Parsol Glass
Cristal Parsol Gris
Sinuos Glass
Cristal Sinuos
Stopsol Bronze glass
Cristal Stopsol Bronce
Grey Stopsol Glass
Cristal Stop Sol Gris
Cristal transparente
Cristal transparente
Matte laminated glass
Cristal Laminado Mate


The Compact finish takes its inspiration from the natural sensations of different materials so you can create a unique ambience in your kitchen. Possibilities: wood, rusted iron, cement… Its soft, irregular luminous shapes are reflected on the surface, while the subtle embossing
seems to come to life.

The FENIX NTM® finish is a super-matte nanotechnological material for interior design that combines elegant aesthetic solutions with state-of-the-art technological performance. It’s an extraordinarily matte, anti-fingerprint surface that’s pleasant and soft to the touch.

Compacto Antracita Fénix
Compacto Antracita Fénix
Compact white fenix
compacto blanco fenix
Moon White compact
Compacto Blanco Luna
High gloss graphite
cemento blanco
Hipster Bronze compact
Compacto Hipster Bronze
Fenix Stainless Steel compact
Compacto Inox Fénix
Fenix Lava compact
Compacto Lava Fénix
Fenix Black compact
Compacto Negro Fénix
Elm compact
Compacto Olmo
Coal Oak compact
Compacto Roble Carbón
Texas Oak compact
Compacto Roble Texas
Mink Oak compact
Compacto Roble Visón


Ceramic is very resistant to UV light, scratches, knocks and heat and its absorption is almost zero, making it very easy to maintain. It’s also a highly versatile material thanks to its range of sizes and colours, as well as being hardwearing, hygienic and easy to install. More advantages: unalterable colour, resistant to fire and chemicals, ecological and environmentally friendly.

Cerámica Kelya
Cerámica Kelya
Cerámica Laurent
Cerámica Laurent
REM Ceramic
Cerámica REM
Sasea Ceramic
Cerámica Sasea
Sirius Ceramic
Cerámica Sirius
Zenit Ceramic
Cerámica Zenit


The naturalness of wood. Natural finishes that awaken the senses.

Anthracite Oak
Madera Roble Antracita
White Oak
Madera Roble Blanco
Lava Oak
Roble Lava
Madera Roble Nature
Madera Roble Nature
Walnut Oak
Madera Roble Nuez
Madera Nogal natural
Madera Nogal natural
Papyrus Oak
Roble Papiro


Gloss, matte or metallic. Matte lacquers with a silky touch, gloss lacquers with a crystalline touch or metallic lacquers with an ultra-polished appearance. The gloss is achieved by polishing, making the finish even tougher.

Limitless variety

All colours on the NCS colour chart can be produced with any lacquer finish (shades may vary depending on the finish to which the colour is applied).

Anthracite lacquer
Laca mate Antracita
White lacquer
Laca mate blanco
Coffee lacquer
Laca mate Café
Terra Brown lacquer
Laca Marrón Terra
Black lacquer
Laca Negro
Pergamon lacquer
Laca Pergamón
Stone lacquer
Laca mate Piedra
Laca Plomo claro
Laca Plomo claro
Earth lacquer
Laca Tierra
Nature Green lacquer
Laca Verde Nature
Mink lacquer
Laca mate Visón
Metallic Steel matte lacquer
Laca Metalizada Acero mate
Metallic Anthracite matte lacquer
Laca Metalizada Antracita mate
Metallic Champagne matte lacquer
Laca Metalizada Champagne
Lacquer as per the NCS chart
Laca según carta NCS



Finished with a high surface resistance and an elegant gloss effect.


Resistant to micro-scratches with an extreme matte effect.


A finish that perfectly imitates natural wood through matte and gloss contrasts, achieving an incredibly tough finish.

Arctic White gloss laminate
Laminado Blanco Ártico brillo
Cream gloss laminate
Laminado brillo Crema
Anthracite Grey gloss laminate
Laminado brillo Gris Antracita brillo
Light Grey gloss laminate
Laminado brillo Gris claro
Laminado brillo Kashmir
Laminado brillo Kashmir
Black gloss laminate
Laminado brillo Negro
Scarlet Red gloss laminate
Laminado brillo
Mink gloss laminate
Laminado brillo Visón
Larch Anthracite Syncro laminate
Laminado Syncro Alerce Antracita
Cognac Oak Syncro laminate
Laminado Syncro Roble Coñac
Lemans Oak Syncro laminate
Laminado Syncro Roble Lemáns
Rakia Oak Syncro laminate
Laminado Syncro Roble Rakia
Tobacco Oak Syncro laminate
Laminado Syncro Roble Tabaco
Indigo Blue Topmatt laminate
Laminado Topmatt Azul Índigo
Alpine White Topmatt laminate
Laminado Blanco Alpino Topmatt
Premium White Topmatt laminate
Laminado Topmatt Blanco Premium
Clay Grey Topmatt laminate
Laminado Topmatt Gris Arcilla
Cashmere Grey Topmatt laminate
Laminado Topmatt Gris Cachemira
Light Grey Topmatt laminate
Laminado Gris Claro Topmatt
Graphite Grey Topmatt laminate
Laminado Topmatt Gris Grafito
Macadam Grey Topmatt laminate
Laminado Topmatt Gris Macadán
Laminado Topmatt Negro
Laminado Topmatt Negro


Plain colour and wood melamine

Available in matte or silky, a high quality finish at a significantly lower price. With these melamine colours you can design your kitchen just as you want it, combining different options to create a simply modern and perfect composition!

Melamina Abeto natural
Melamina Abeto natural
Black Spruce melamine
Melamina Abeto Negro
Smoked Eucalyptus melamine
Melamina Eucalipto Fumé
Tobacco Eucalyptus melamine
Melamina Eucalipto Tabaco
Sand Oak melamine
Melamina Roble Arena
Golden Oak melamine
Melamina Roble Dorado
Testa Oak melamine
Melamina Roble Testa
Metal Anthracite melamine
Melamina Antracita Metal
White TF melamine
Melamina Blanco TF
Olive Beige melamine
Melamina Beige Oliva
Super White melamine
Melamina Blanco Super
Grey Felt melamine
Melamina Fieltro Gris
Arosa Grey melamine
Melamina Gris Arosa
Graphite Grey melamine
Melamina Gris Grafito
Metal Grey melamine
Melamina Gris Metal
Urban Grey melamine
Melamina Gris Urban
Originality with lines and combination of different materials to create a unique kitchen


Home and unique spaces projects. Discover them

Originality with lines and combination of different materials to create a unique rooom


Spaces for relaxation, privacy and invite to dream. Get inspired.

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