Always with the maximum security. In tempered glass, laminated 2+2, protected with vinyl or elastic film in the downside. They never break into pieces with sharp edges, avoiding any risk of accidents. Variety and quality in plain colours and textures.


In the tempered lacquer glass finish you can manufacture in any colour, in shiny or matt finish. As per the colour menu RAL (the tones can vary depending on the nature of the material where the colour is applied).


Result of the union of two glasses of 2mm, sandwiching between them a sheet of PVB (polyvinyl butyral), this material combines the specific properties of glass, such as transparency and durability, with the PVB, as its adhesion, elasticity, resistance impact and UV. This glass is also for safety.


Ceramic is resistant to UV, scratch, heat, shock and absorption is virtually zero, so its maintenance is very simple. It is a very versatile material thanks to its size, color and technical durability, hygiene and ease of donning characteristics. More advantages: unalterable color, resistant to chemicals, fire, ecological and environmentally friendly.


Colors that are inspired by natural sensations of different materials so you can create unique spaces in your kitchen. Possibilities: wood, rusty iron, concrete… Soft and irregular lightning shapes reflects the light on the surface, a material that comes to live.

FENIX NTM® is a supermatt material that combines elegant aesthetical solutions and high tecnology performance. An outstanding matt surface, print-free and smooth touch.

designer kitchen, kitchen furniture, designer kitchen furniture

Model / Finishing

compact hipster bronze, kitchen furniture

Mediterráneo / Compacto hipster bronce

Laminated soft grey, kitchen furniture

Arábigo / Laminado brillo gris suave

Stratified grey anthracite, kitchen furniture

Austral / Estratificado gris antracita


The naturalness of wood. Natural finishes that awaken the senses.


Gloss, Matt or Metalic. Matt lacquer with a soft touch, brightness of crystalline touch or ultra slick metallic finish. The brightness is accomplished through the polish, what it gives extra hardness.

Unlimited variety
All colours from the menu colour NCS can be manufactured in any lacquer finish (the tones can vary depending on the colour applied to the finishing).

elegance kitchen, elegance kitchen furniture

Model / Finishing

High gloss graphite

Atlas / Lacado brillo grafito

High gloss graphite

Mediterráneo / Compacto cemento blanco

Compact oak mink

Aral / Compacto roble visón


Up to a 60% more resistant to scratches. Rub it and you will discover its hardness.

Smooth finish y pleasant to the touch.

Finish that perfectly imitates a natural wood, through matt contrasts and shine, achieving a high surface resistance.

Resistant to micro-scratches and has an extreme matte effect.


Smooth Colors & Woods
In matt or silky touch, high quality at a sensible inferior price. Combine these colours to personalize your project to your needs. Fresh and modern compositions!

Originality with lines and combination of different materials to create a unique kitchen

Model / Finishing

black acrylic, kitchen furniture

Atlántico / Acrílico negro

Ceramic Phedra

Alborán / Cerámica Phedra

Wooden black oak, kitchen furniture

Mediterráneo / Madera roble negro


Home and unique spaces projects.


Spaces for relaxation, privacy and invite to dream.

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