The new era of the handleless kitchen

A new handle-free kitchen concept

Starting from the handle-free kitchen with GOLA profile, Senssia develops a system that not only improves this profile, but (r)evolves it completely. Introducing the LÓGICA System, the beginning of a new era in the handle-free kitchen, with no design limitations.


The (r)evolution of the Gola system

Here are some of the features and differences that make the LÓGICA System the ideal solution for handle-free kitchen design.

GOLA System


100% storage and functionality

The options available on the market “sacrifice” interior furniture space and also make it difficult to install some appliances. This sometimes prevents achieving the desired end result for the final composition.

The LÓGICA System uses standard furniture, so the storage of the furniture remains intact, as in any other kitchen configuration. Even in base units.

Kitchen furniture
Kitchen furniture

The secret is in the system

The fronts of drawers, pans and doors are also unchanged, their height is standard.

In this way, the LÓGICA System does not involve extra time in the production or installation of the kitchen. It also facilitates the continuity of lines in the design of compositions.

Unlimited possibilities

The flexibility provided by the LÓGICA system is total. It is available in all the materials and finishes in our catalogue, and works with all openings and sizes.

In addition, the LÓGICA system can be combined with any of our door models.

Kitchen furniture
cocina de diseño senssia

Purity of lines

LÓGICA in a system that allows you to create completely smooth kitchen designs, without any relief or indentation.

Una solución que celebran tanto los diseñadores como los amantes de este estilo de cocina.

Discover unique spaces created with the LÓGICA System

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