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We sell our products through a network of authorised dealers. If you are interested in finding out more about how we work, the services and products we offer to our customers, this section will tell you some of the most important aspects.

By filling in the form at the bottom of this page, we will send you our Sales Book, a corporate presentation with information of interest to you. We will also contact you to inform you about the advantages of distributing our brand.

Is it possible to create satisfied customers?

Every day we seek to create satisfied customers by devising innovative solutions for the home, prioritising excellence and commitment in every detail.

We are enthusiastic about seeking new ideas, new projects and new management techniques that bring you greater value. We are motivated by challenges and know that, by overcoming each one of them, we make continuous improvement a reality.

we support you, we REALLY do

Garantía para distribuidores de Senssia, distribuidores de mobiliario y electrodomésticos exclusivos

6 years warranty

From the moment of purchase, the Customer enjoys a 6-year guarantee and all the necessary information to ensure the life and optimal functioning of his cooker for a long time.

Delivery day certification

At the time of order confirmation we guarantee the delivery day of your kitchen.

Urgent Department

All orders placed to complete the installation of a kitchen are considered urgent orders. We deliver them in the shortest possible time.

Comunicación continua, Senssia, distribuidores de mobiliario y electrodomésticos exclusivos

Continuous improvement

We collect all complaints and suggestions, and we take care of their analysis, solution or simulation of the impact on the implementation. This is how we continuously improve our products and services.


Store advisor

Staff specialised in resolving your doubts and queries about the technical catalogue, computer system, display design, product price, etc.



We have a complete training programme at all levels: technical and product training, management and sales training, training for installers, etc.

Recursos para distribuidores de Senssia, distribuidores de mobiliario y electrodomésticos exclusivos

Private Area

In our private area you can consult online, at any time and day, orders and other commercial information, the technical catalogue, and you will have access to corporate material.


Computing system

We provide you with a design software that will turn your presentations into sales. A tool that goes beyond the conventional and that will allow you to budget and send us your orders.


Product samples

You will have at your disposal several samples that will allow you to show your customer the possibilities of finishes and materials of Senssia.

Senssia, distribuidores de mobiliario y electrodomésticos exclusivos


We provide you with different tools and channels to make your shop known to the public and reinforce your experience with the Senssia brand.


By filling in the form you will receive our Sales Book, our company and product presentation for potential dealers. In addition, a sales manager will contact you to clarify your doubts and explain all the advantages of distributing the Senssia product.

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Projects for unique homes and spaces


Spaces for relaxation, intimacy and that invite you to dream.

Why Senssia?

A few reasons to trust us and choose a Senssia kitchen.

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