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They say we are a factory...
And yes, we are.

We are a factory where commitment, attention to detail, innovation... are the values that guide us towards excellence.

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Turning your home into a unique space

Our kitchens are systems designed to adapt to the characteristics of your home, always looking for an excellent user experience.

Inspiration and creativity for your new kitchen

Inspiration and creativity for your new kitchen


The new era of the handleless kitchen

Starting from the handle-less kitchen with GOLA profile, we have developed a system that not only improves this profile, but (r)evolves it completely.

Introducing the LÓGICA System, the beginning of a new era in handle-free kitchens with no design limitations.

Experience your new kitchen with Virtual Reality

We have developed our design program so that you can see and experience your project. Now you can experience in Virtual Reality your kitchen, bathroom or furniture and appreciate the design decisions previously made.

The future is now.

We know how exciting it is to have a new kitchen...

With our hairstyle, with our clothes or with the car we drive, we try to differentiate ourselves, to mark our style. The challenge when working on a kitchen project is also originality, to make it something exclusive that is able to convey your style and personality. Provide it with unique elements that often set the design tone for the rest of the house.

We convert your home

Neutral homes, spaces in which the kitchen is customized to provide its own character.

We convert unique spaces

Homes created in peculiar spaces, places where the kitchen manages to break down barriers.

Unlimited options to customize your kitchen

A kitchen designed by and for you

We offer you a wide range of possibilities to equip your new kitchen. Turn your home into a unique space with your favorite Senssia kitchen collection.

Ideas and technical information to help you select your new kitchen. Download our catalogue

In our network of official shops you will find professionals willing to listen to you and help you make your project a reality.

The ideal place to find the ideas and solutions that fit your space and lifestyle. You will find a multitude of ideas and solutions to suit your space and lifestyle.

Stories with essence

We want to tell you what really matters to us

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