New Virtual Showroom

We are pleased to announce the exciting breakthrough we have achieved in the field of Virtual Reality, transforming the way we interact with the design of spaces. Senssia has created a unique immersive environment: the new Virtual Showroom.

This experience can be enjoyed both from computers and mobile devices and, even more impressively, through virtual reality glasses. When you enter this virtual space, you will find yourself in an industrial building that contains all the environments present in our General Catalog. Not only will you be able to immerse yourself in each of these spaces, but also interact with them to appreciate design and product details.

We have worked hard to improve the feeling of immersion in this environment, perfecting the definition of details and offering the experience of moving through a space that houses the different environments of our catalog. Virtual Reality technology allows us to present our products in a way never seen before. We invite you to explore and enjoy this unique experience! Click on the image to access.

Vista cenital del Catálogo Senssia 2023, abierto en página 160, colocado sobre otro catálogo cerrado y del que vemos la portada

Catalog 2023

Inspiration and creativity for your new kitchen.

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