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In this section you will see all the door models available in our catalog.
In Senssia we have a wide range of doors to turn your kitchen into a unique space.

Senssia kitchen door model: Arábigo


If you like kitchens with a carefully crafted design detail of the highest quality without paying a high price, Senssia recommends Arabigo, a model that incorporates aluminum marquetry. You will get a much better effect than conventional laminate or melamine.

See the Arábigo model in Rebellion

Aral XL

The Aral model, made with an anodized aluminum frame with 22mm thickness, on which a sheet of ceramic or glass material is applied, is characterized by its mechanized handle integrated in the door.

See the Aral XL model in Gravity and Environment

Senssia kitchen door model: Fussion


Fussion is a door made of 19mm board. of thickness. A horizontal edge is machined and inserts an anodized aluminum profile with a matte finish as a handle, embedded in any material of the model, which occupies its entire width.

See the Fussion model in Liveliness


Mediterráneo is a smooth door that allows a great variety of finishes and colors to be combined. Practical and functional with endless advantages.

See the Mediterráneo model in Gravity, Family, Elegance  and Rebellion

Senssia kitchen door model: Teide


Teide is the heat of nostalgia. Its soft forms seem worn by the use, providing a nostalgic touch that transports us to the kitchens of our grandmothers.

See the Teide model in Space

Senssia door model: Gravity kitchen
Originality with lines and combination of different materials to create a unique kitchen


Home and unique spaces projects.


Places for relaxation, privacy and invite to dream.

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