Senssia obtains the recognition of “Well Managed Company” by the Ardan board in 2022

The Vigo Free Trade Zone Consortium, through its Ardán Business Information Service, has been preparing Good Business Practice indicators since 1995. This line of work is developed under the auspices of the Ardán Chair of the University of Vigo and aims to identify and value business excellence in Galicia.

From Senssia, we are proud to announce that, after having won two awards last 2019 (Well Managed Company and Gazelle Company), this year we repeat and have been recognized again by the Ardán directory with the “Well Managed Company” (BG) indicator, according to the report they recently presented.

This award seeks to measure the performance of a business organization and assess its competitiveness. Six aspects are considered for this purpose:

  • market
  • innovation
  • productivity
  • liquidity generation
  • value generation
  • profitability

None of them, on its own, is sufficient to measure the performance of a company, so a cohesion of them is necessary to perform a suitable analysis.

In order to be able to issue this distinction, the Ardan directory recognizes well-managed companies (BG) as those that meet several of these criteria simultaneously, namely growth, profitability, productivity and liquidity, with values above the median of the sector in which they are located and for a period of three consecutive years.

Although there are several keys to the success of BG companies, the directory highlights the professionalization of both management and human capital, continuous innovation and improvement, and planning.

Of the 32,627 companies analyzed in the report, only 501 have managed to exceed the basic criteria of the well-managed company (BG) indicator, which represents 1.54% of the total. This gives us an idea of its difficulty and the perseverance necessary to obtain it.

Today, as every day, is a good time to thank our customers for their trust. We also owe them the merit of having achieved this recognition.

Empresa Bien Gestionada BG 2022
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