Stories with essence

We want to tell you what really matters to us

We have created this corner to talk to you and show you our way of understanding and valuing aspects that we believe really matter. Here we share reflections that help us to follow our path when it comes to achieving our goal: to turn your home into a unique space.

Solidarity stories in COVID-19 era

Solidarity stories in COVID-19 era We can safely say that the pandemic caused by COVID19 has turned the world we knew “upside down”. Unfortunately, this

If you are wrong, admit it

If you are wrong, admit it Today we analyze the value of errors in the professional environment and their positive side in order to solve

3 ideas for teamwork

3 ideas for teamwork At Senssia, one of our pillars is teamwork, which we express as “the commitment to cooperation and taking care of the

A high-flying story

A high-flying story If you want to collect honey, don’t kick the hive. It is easier to see “the speck in someone else’s eye than

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