Senssia joins Industry 4.0 to offer a quality and differentiated service

senssia kitchen furniture
  • The aim is to incorporate greater flexibility and individualization in the manufacturing processes, as well as to make the customer feel that the project is his own.
  • The combination of the machinery with the work of the people, manages to bring the positive part of both: marked quality and personal touch.

Senssia, a company specialized in kitchen and bathroom furniture, joins Industry 4.0 as part of its policy for a firm commitment to innovation. Thanks to this new concept, the customer can receive the design exactly as he wants it. The company puts itself at the service of the consumer with the main objective of satisfying all their demands and requirements, through state-of-the-art computer systems, production systems, qualified personnel, etc. In addition, Senssia integrates the customer into its production system, making it possible to manufacture exactly what is seen on the terminal.

It is a batch 1 system, totally opposed to the mass production system. This system prioritizes flexibility and individualization, achieving high levels of product quality. The combination of high-precision machines, designed for large production runs but faced with the production of a single part, with the work of professionals capable of generating the necessary adjustments so that the parts have a consistent quality standard is where the success of this new industry lies.

The pieces are treated individually as a whole. Identifying each part from the very beginning is key, as well as following its traceability and combining all the necessary parts to achieve the desired final product.

This method requires exhaustive follow-up, since the different pieces have to arrive at the destination together, standardizing the singular. The combination between machinery and personnel of the company is essential in the whole process, since the machinery will ensure that the pieces are perfect and the personnel will give them a personal and differential character that can only be achieved by human hands.

This technology also makes it possible to integrate suppliers into the production system, which is essential for reducing inventories and costs. In addition, the added services to customers are increased, since they are accompanied throughout the entire process: advising and reviewing orders, through online catalogs of products, elements and installation, monitoring of incidents, suggestions and improvements portal. In short, in those actions that bring the company closer to the needs of the end customer.

Technology and personnel form a perfect tandem in this new era of industry 4.0, achieving the best facets of each of the two, with the aim of offering a quality and personalized service and placing the kitchen in a strategic point of the home.

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