Senssia makes a strong commitment to innovation with its new 360-degree views service

Originality with lines and combination of different materials to create a unique kitchen

360-degree views are virtual tours that show spaces and environments in 360 degrees and allow you to interact with them.

With this tool, Senssia offers a luxury support to the catalog presented at the end of the year, where innovation, technology and future go hand in hand to offer the customer a high quality service.

The Galician kitchen and bathroom furniture company, Senssia, takes another step forward in its firm commitment to innovation with the incorporation of a new service for its customers that will allow them to interact with the final product: 360 degree views. This is an ambitious project that aims to complement the strong effort made with the launch of its new catalog at the end of the year. In this way, users will be able to get to know the models at the click of a button and without leaving home.

The 360-degree views are virtual tours that show outdoor spaces and environments in 360 degrees and allow you to interact with them. It is an advanced technology that evolves and significantly improves the user experience and enriches the Internet presence.

Senssia, since its inception, has made an important commitment to innovation in order to offer its customers the highest quality service. In this way, it is at the highest level in terms of new technologies, aware that in a world that is constantly evolving in this regard, it is essential for companies to advance at the same pace.

This technology is applied to all the kitchen environments presented in the last catalog, a catalog that won the Paraguas Award promoted by the Cluster de la Comunicación Gráfica for its elegance and functionality, as well as for showing realities that invited users to live the kitchens shown in it.

With the new 360-degree views service, visitors can move around and experience the space as if they were inside, using the mouse, finger or moving the device itself to visualize the kitchen and feel as if they were living it.

In addition to being able to tour it, the platform presents all the information on technical and design aspects of the environment in which it is located, resolving any doubts that the user may have. Through careful tips, information is provided on materials, hardware and other characteristic aspects of the kitchen.

Senssia invites you to take a tour of these new products through this link.

Clear and decisive commitment to innovation

Since its inception, Senssia has been characterized by investing in innovation and new technologies to add value to its customers. Its commitment to Industry 4.0, to new methods of communication and, now, to the new 360-degree views service, place it in a privileged position to face the technological challenges of the future.

Aware that they must be at the highest level to be able to compete, they offer users a wide range of services to facilitate the decision and purchase process.

After the significant effort made by the company to present an accurate and intimate catalog, the launch of this new space puts the finishing touch to the consultation of the new Senssia models.

The company invites all those who wish to come to this corner to enjoy a magical moment, in which the kitchen recovers the fundamental role it has always had. As its slogan states, “We turn your home into a unique space”.

Senssia begins the new year with a strong commitment to new technologies and wishes to continue working to offer the best services and the latest innovations to its customers, as a commitment to strive for excellence.

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